Innovation engineering & MAnagement

The innovation discipline and practices are well-known in leading countries and companies which deliver unique solutions and products. It consists of standards, methodologies, business processes and communities. The last decades are enriched with innovation practices and environmental maintenance. The international experience is various in this field and even in terminology and actions.

In our consideration the innovation principles differ from others of continuous improvement in terms of usage within projects and services. Also, the methodological component of an innovation process includes systemic and inventive approaches which cannot be provided by other alternative solving tools. Our methods and tools are based on TRIZ, Design thinking and other lesser systematic analytical tools. 

The innovation can be divided into two major categories:

– Innovation with radical changes

– Innovation with incremental changes

The innovation projects has following classification:

– Problem-to-Solve tasks

– Design-to-Cost tasks

– Forecasting & Trends management

– Patent strategies

– Etc.

The lifecycle of any innovation project provides the regular project management phases with processes of managing innovative analytical steps and procedures. 

To apply an efficient way of innovation management it is highly recommended to control the quality estimation of output|results per process.

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