Achieving leadership in the innovation and business industry in Syria and actively contributing to the capacity building of the Syrian people to be a qualified holder of sustainable development plans.


Developing and deploying the high-quality knowledge and experience of inspired and professional experts targeting the most vital areas and tasks that Syria really needs.

We have the will and ability to involve modern and competing excellence as efficient tools for delivering our projects and services.

All activities of our network of experts and partners are conducted by aims and The pursuit of establishing sustainable growth of Syrian assets and overcome existing problems innovatively.

Our state of satisfaction depends on our ability to address real challenges of Syrian people and enabling them to take their active role in processing the progress of humanity.

You ask for support for your idea and we stand up. You ask for solutions to your problems and we help you find the way to the solution.


* Invest efforts and resources via volunteering principle.

* Achieve and measure the efficiency on ground.

* Cover and integrate multipolar competences.

* Improve and extend competences.

* Our materialized and non-materialized products compete worldwide.

* Our inspiration and initiatives don’t depend on political views but consider existing conditions and can collaborate with given resources.

* Agile manifesto is our workstyle.

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